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U.S. Virgin Islands gets “LIT ” with Holiday Lights Competition

Territory hosts 2020 USVI is LIT! Holiday Lighting Contest for Residents
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS (December 18, 2020) – The Office of the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Department of Tourism are hosting a holiday lights competition that is open to all residents, to spread holiday cheer and camaraderie across the Territory.

The “2020 USVI is LIT! Holiday Lighting Contest” is intended to make the holiday season brighter for Virgin Islanders, by awarding cash prizes on each island for the most creative and innovative holiday lights.

Winners on each island will be selected in the following categories: “Best USVI
Cultural Holiday Display” ($2,500), “Best Overall Holiday Theme” ($1,250),
“Facebook Lighting Contest “($750), and “Facebook Boat Lighting Contest” ($750).

Each island will be judged separately, and participants may enter in multiple categories but can only win a prize in one category.

“With all that we have gone through this year, the lighting contest is our way to
bring some cheer to the community and offer some extra cash for a few lucky and
creative families,” said Governor Albert Bryan Jr. “We hope that Virgin Islanders have fun participating in this contest, and that it will bring out the VI spirit, as we usher in a brighter 2021,” he added.

The “2020 USVI is LIT! Holiday Lighting Contest” is divided into General and Facebook

General Entries
Members of the public are invited to self-nominate their own holiday lighting display
by sending their location and contact information to Desiree Wilkes, Manager of
Media & Travel Industry Relations, Department of Tourism at dwilkes@usvitourism.vi, by January 4, 2021.

The judging panels, which consist of three judges on each island – two invited guests and one Department of Tourism employee – will tour each island and visually inspect the holiday lighting displays. Judging will take place on January 6, 2021, with winners announced the following day.

Facebook Entries
Members of the public are invited to submit a single 10-second video clip of their
holiday lighting display from now through December 30, 2020 to usvilit@usviupdate.com. Entries will be shared on the Department of Tourism’s Division of Festivals Facebook Page (@USVIFestivals) with the hashtags #USVILIT2020 and #USVILIT. Public online voting will take place from January 1-4, 2021. The winner will be chosen based on a combination of popularity, as well as evaluation by the judging panel.

“It is undisputed that the USVI is a “LIT” (exciting and excellent) place to live,
work and play,” said Joseph Boschulte, Commissioner of Tourism. “We urge Virgin
Islanders to get “LIT”, show their VI pride, and light up the festive holiday
season by finding creative ways to proudly display their holiday lights and make their island shine.”

Winners will be judged across a variety of factors, including lighting, tradition, USVI
pride and overall holiday spirit.

Entries will be displayed across the Department of Festivals website and official Department of Tourism and Department of Festivals social media channels.

For more information, visit www.usviupdate.com/usvilit.
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