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U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS (February 13, 2020) – Plans for Carnival Virgin Islands in St. Thomas in April and May are now well advanced.

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism’s Division of Festivals reports that the 68th anniversary of the St. Thomas spectacular, whose slogan is ‘All Eyes on We for 2020’, will be a celebration of the Territory’s culture, cuisine, history, music, and people.

This year marks the first time the event, which runs from April 4 to May 3, 2020, is being managed and produced by the Division of Festivals, which has added new events to the calendar.

J’ouvert Warmup , ‘Rum, Powder and Mas,’ takes place on April 25 at 5 a.m on the Weymouth Rhymer Highway, beginning at the intersection at Cost-U-Less and ending at Fort Mylner.

On April 26, there is a full day of activities planned, including a motor sports/boat race at the waterfront where high-end vessels race for cash prizes totaling US$20,000.

Ian Turnbull, the Division’s Director, said every opportunity to deliver a memorable Carnival season to the people of the Virgin Islands is being explored.

“The events we’ve planned should ensure that people of all walks and stages of life are engaged in the Carnival,” he said.

The kickoff event takes place on March 7 at Market Square and features performances by Spectrum Band, Calypso Monarch contestants and other local and regional artists.

Additional attractions for the season include the Soca Monarch Village, Food Fair and the Cultural Day where groups and individuals celebrate different aspects of Virgin Islands tradition and culture. The Children’s Parade on May 1 and the Adults’ Parade on May 2 will remain key fixtures for this year’s celebrations.

The Carnival Village, which is free to the public , opens at the Fort Christian Parking Lot on April 24 and highlights top-class entertainment from the Territory and the wider region, including the likes of Pumpa, Adam O, Farmer Nappy, Lyrikal, Nadia Batson, Ricardo Dru, Teddyson John and Morgan Heritage.

Other carnival highlights include the Prince and Princess Show on April 12, Toddlers Derby and Best Dressed Doll on April 19, and on April 22 the Stanley and the Sleepless Knights Tramp.

The official calendar of events for Carnival Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is available here.

The schedule will be updated with more innovative events in the coming weeks.

For more information about Carnival Virgin Islands, contact the USVI Festivals team at usvifestivals@usvitourism.vi .

About the U.S. Virgin Islands Division of Festivals
The mission of the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism’s Division of Festivals is to present high-quality heritage and cultural tourism experiences to residents and visitors by promoting and executing dynamic events and festivals across the U.S. Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands celebrates three major annual events which display the rich history and cultural heritage of the Territory: Carnival Virgin Islands (St. Thomas), St. John Celebration and Crucian Christmas Festival (St. Croix). Each event features music performances, beauty pageants, sporting events and food fairs.

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