Travelling to the U.S. Virgin Islands?


Thank you for considering the United States Virgin Islands for sponsorship. In order to determine which projects our Department can support we utilize the criteria format outlined below.

This allows the destination to decide which projects offer maximum return on investment. Please note we work on a minimum five to one ratio. For each dollar invested, we expect a return of five.

Once the initial criteria information is received our marketing team may often contact you to secure additional information and/or schedule a presentation. We want to be respectful of your time and allow you to seek sponsorship elsewhere if this project does not fit into our overall marketing strategy. We will provide you with a response within 30 days of receipt of all information.


  1. Description and objectives of the project/event

  2. Provide history of the event/project and list the principals of the corporation/organization. Please include bios and references and the successful results of other events.

  3. Provide us with an overview of the proposed event; include the marketing budget, marketing plan, target audience, timelines and talent, if applicable. Also your marketing plan should include the promotional and exposure value of the event and the benefit (s) to the community. Please note, promotional value must provide a minimum five to one return on investment to be considered by the USVI DOT.

  4. Indicate specific dates, venues, events and other relevant information.

  5. All sponsorship applications are considered a minimum of 180 days prior to the event/project.

  6. The sponsorship options available including the costs and benefits of each option

  7. Management of the sponsorship and reporting mechanisms

  8. Major sources of funding, and the method of evaluating the success of the sponsorship against its objectives.

Please note the following areas which the Department of Tourism is seeking to determine ROI:

  • Increased revenue to the tourism industry

  • Increased overnight visitors, specifically traveling based on the sponsorship

  • Growing a specific segment of visitors based on the sponsorship

  • Sponsorship efficiency and optimization- how is this sponsorship a cost-effective investment to the tourism product

  • What are the opportunities of integrated marketing outside of the territory which will drive visitor arrivals 

  • What specific guaranteed exposure will result from sponsoring this event

Activities that are not considered for sponsorship include:

  • Events where the audience/participants are not aligned growing tourism market share
  • Events/organizations which negatively impact health, the environment, or associated with risk-taking activities.
  • Events/projects with competing destination sponsors
  • Events/projects that are inconsistent with our image and key messages.
  • Projects, events or organizations undertaking high-risk activities or with poor occupational health and safety performance.
  • Events, projects or organizations that expose the DOT to reputation or financial risks.
  • Events that promote a single individual or business entity

Conditions of funding:

Only applications complying with the requirements as outlined in this document will be accepted.​

The application will be reviewed to determine the terms of the sponsorship.

No application shall be accepted, or deemed to have been accepted, unless and until the applicant has entered into a written sponsorship agreement.

We will notify you in writing of the outcome of your application.

Sponsorships may be denied based on available funding and/or not meeting the sponsorship criteria.

Applicants are responsible for all costs incurred in submitting any application and any subsequent presentation, including the supply of additional supporting materials requested by us.

All information submitted is treated as confidential. Personal information collected in accordance with an application will be used for the purpose of assessing the application and, if successful, the administration of the sponsorship.

According to V.I.C. Title 2 Section 2 Chapter 29 (c), any recipient of funds from the treasury of the Government of the Virgin Islands shall be subject to audit by the Virgin Islands Inspector General and the Post Auditor of the Virgin Islands Legislature.

Only enter into sponsorship arrangements where there is no actual, potential or apparent conflict of interest that may compromise the way the DOT staff perform their duties, or gives the perception of compromise creating actual, potential or apparent conflicts of interests (e.g. sponsoring businesses that are likely to tender for future contracts).