Travelling to the U.S. Virgin Islands?


In keeping with our mission, the Department will market the U.S. Virgin Islands using marketplace intelligence to promote the economic growth of the Territory through sustainable tourism development coordinated with the industry and its stakeholders. The Department will aid in the development of programs, which advance the understanding of the value of tourism to the Territory. The Department of Tourism will promote the unique features of each island and develop long-term strategies using the powers and duties provided by the 21st Legislature in the creation of the Department.


The Department of Tourism has set the following core goals to ensure the fulfillment of its mission:

  • To increase the number of domestic and international tourists to the Territory 

  • To increase the amount of visitor expenditures on a yearly basis 

  • To improve community awareness of the value of tourism to our economy 

  • To ensure the uniqueness of each island is represented in our marketing efforts 

  • To build brand equity and create growth opportunities for St. Croix and to maintain brand equity and increase growth opportunities for St. Thomas and St. John